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Assuming you’re purchasing this book because you or someone you care about is having creditor problems—debt has become unmanageable—and struggling to pay monthly bills while dodging collectors’ phone calls. It may have even gotten to the point where creditors are threatening to take your earnings, your cars, or your home!
If that’s your plight, you’ve taken the first step to changing your life.
In, Surviving The Credit Crisis: The Truth About Becoming Debt Free and Staying That Way, we’ll do the following:
  • Go over sneaky tactics collectors use,
  • Explain your rights,
  • Explain what to do if you get sued,
  • Give you the options for eliminating debt and how to get started—right now,
  • Demonstrate how millions of Americans have used the protection of the law to provide a new beginning,
  • Give you important steps to take for rebuilding your credit,
  • Show you how stay debt-free, and
  • Teach you how to change your way of looking at money so you’ll never be faced with these problems again.
  • The bottom line is, we will give you clear step-by-step strategies, without any legal double-talk, so you can get through your credit problems, begin your own investment plan, and increase your net worth faster than you can imagine.


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